Mend will be permanently closing on April 23rd. We have loved our time being a part of this amazing community.

Hi, I’m Jacqui Barnett

Founder of Mend

I am a licensed acupuncturist and I absolutely love what I do. I feel so honored to get to be a part of my patients’ healing journey.

I combine my acupuncture and Chinese medicine education and experience with lab testing to address the root cause of your health issues and optimize wellness.

Since age 10 I SUFFERED FROM

"debilitating migraines - with no relief in sight"

I first learned about acupuncture when I was struggling with chronic, debilitating migraines. I was having 12 migraines a month and after going to a series of doctors and trying countless medications with no results I was fed up and felt defeated. On a whim, I took the advice of a friend who suggested I give acupuncture a try.

Within 2 months I was down from 12 migraines a month to 2! Now with regular acupuncture, I’m down to even less.

My curiosity to understand the science, and ancient principles behind this profound medicine guided my journey to complete a 4 year masters program in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and I’ve has dedicated my life to helping others get out of pain, discomfort and emotional distress and fully enjoy their lives.


I’m a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) with a Masters Degree from the Pacific College of Health and Science in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

I’ve performed over 5000 treatments. I have completed continuing education classes in male and female infertility, pre and post covid preparation and recovery, mold toxicity and environmental toxins, micro needling and the treatment of psycho emotional pain.

In addition to my experience with acupuncture and herbal medicine, I have a lot of experience with herbal supplements. I also offer comprehensive food allergy testing as well as testing for mold, environmental toxins and heavy metals.

Whole Family Wellness

I love working with kids! My internship at Rady Children’s Hospital inspired me to work with children and I love exposing kids to acupuncture at a young age. Nothing makes me happier than when a patient I have been working with through fertility and pregnancy, brings in their little one for me to work with.

Gentle and empowering

I offer a gentle, compassionate, healing environment free from judgement. My goal is to provide space for my patients to get in touch with their body’s innate ability to heal. I combine the best from Eastern and Western medicine to create a truly customized treatment program for each patient.